Munib Rashid Masri Street Inaugurated in Nablus

December 4, 2022: The municipality of Nablus has today inaugurated Munib Rashid Masri Street, funded by the Munib & Angela Masri Foundation (MAF). The inauguration ceremony was attended by members of the Masri family, representatives from the Ministry of Local Government and Ministry of Transportation, Sami Al-Hajawi, Mayor of Nablus and several prominent figures. 

Munib Rashid Masri Street spans a length of 3,800 square meters, extending from At-Tur Street and passing by the Yasser Arafat Mosque and Beit Felasteen, all the way to the entrance of the Samaritan neighborhood on top of Mount Gerizim. The two-phase project took two years and was funded with a generous donation of one million US dollars. 

Masri Foundation founder, Munib R Masri, expressed his keenness to contribute to the development of his beloved city of Nablus, which aligns with MAF’s policies and vision of social responsibility and help build the community and improve the services provided to citizens, especially in marginalized neighborhoods. 

Mr Masri emphasized that this project is part of the city planning for Nablus, which in turn is part of the comprehensive spatial national plan for the State of Palestine, in partnership with the government. The Masri Foundation fully funds the national plan, which offers a vision for Palestine until 2050, and is working to implement initiatives, which aim to strengthen the foundations of an independent state and counter settlements. 

Sami Al-Hajawi, the mayor of Nablus, praised the generous donation and the remarkable achievement by the Masri Foundation. He expressed gratitude to the technical teams from the municipality and the administrative staff of the Foundation for their cooperation in completing the street project, calling on civically engaged residents of Nablus to support and contribute to vital projects that benefit the city and its residents, such as schools, streets, and others. 

Haitham Hamdan, a member of the Neighborhood and Planning Committee, thanked the Masri Foundation for this project, which benefits numerous Nablus residents. He considered it groundbreaking as a locally funded project which is part of an integrated plan. 

The Munib & Angela Masri Foundation is an independent, non-profit institution established in 1970 and works in various fields of development, including education, health, scientific research, culture, and economic empowerment. The Masri Foundation also works in partnership with various institutions across Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon.